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Be Ryong Open House Coming Up on September 27 & 28

Be Ryong is holding its 15th annual Open House on Friday, Saturday, September 28. Everyone is invited to attend free classes and watch amazing TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo demonstrations. Current students are also invited to participate in the student performance! Here’s the schedule:

Friday, September 27 – Free trial classes at 5pm and 6pm

Saturday, September 28
10:00am – Free trial classes
11:00am-Student Performance; current students will do a warm-up, then do breaking and forms
11:30 – HapKiDo demonstration
12:00 noon – TaeKwonDo Elite Team demonstration
12:30pm – Free trial classes

No need to register and this event is free and family-friendly. Bring your family and friends! If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the martial arts, come on down!

Be Ryong Demo Team Takes Third Place at Delaware Martial Arts Tournament

Congratulations to the Be Ryong demo team! The team took third place in the team competition at the Delaware Martial Arts Tournament held last Saturday, May 18, in Dover, Delaware.

The demo team has been practicing all year for this tournament. Each year, Master Yun, along with instructor Trulynd Hall, choreographs a new routine that includes forms, breaking, and acrobatics.

A highlight of this year’s demo team performance was Hanna’s routine, which involved Hanna running up to Master Yun, climbing onto his shoulders, then executing a backwards somersault to break a board over 10 feet in the air. We’ll be posting a video of the entire performance on YouTube in a few days!

New Be Ryong After School Pickup Van

Be Ryong van

Master Yun recently purchased a new van for his after school program. In case you didn’t know, Master Yun will personally pick up students after school at any¬† Alexandria school, take them to the studio, and supervise homework and playtime until regular classes begin at 4:30pm.

Be Ryong has a quiet room at the back of the studio where students can do homework, read or just relax. Once homework is done, students may stretch, practice forms and kicking, or play games until classes begin.

After school students may take one or more classes at the studio. And if your child is a higher belt, the after care program is a great way for him/her to get extra one-on-one time with the instructors.

If you’re looking for an after care program for your child every day or just a few days a week, please come see Master Yun to inquire about schedules ad fees.