Have a Super Sunday!

Many people are looking forward to today’s Super Bowl Game, whether to root for one of the two teams, or with plans to watch – and rate – the commercials, or to get together with friends for food, drink, and camaraderie. For the players on the two teams, however, the Game is the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice. Getting up early in the morning as kids (with their parents!) for workouts. College play. A statistically impossible contract getting onto a professional team. Then over this season were the workouts, watching their diet, tough games (contact sport? more like a collision sport!) to earn the chance to play literally in front of the world tomorrow night.

The same goes for the thousands of men and women involved with the teams, the broadcasters, advertising agencies, and sponsoring corporations. For all of them, tomorrow night pr itogram represents the results of years of education, effort, talent, long nights, and hard effort.

So what does that have to do with you? Do something hard today. Run an extra mile or do 1 more pullup, carve out an hour to play outside with your kids, spend a few minutes working on that kick that you just can’t figure out, do that one chore that you never seem to be able to get to. Make tomorrow a super day for you and take some time to be your best self. Don’t let the the two teams get the day all to themselves. Tonight, you can watch that game knowing that those players, advertisers, and half time performers aren’t the only people who worked hard and did something awesome!