Thanksgiving is the Time for Turkey Trots (it really is cross-training for martial arts, I swear.)

You may not know it, but Thanksgiving morning is one of the busiest days of the year for runners of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Many of us rise early to run, or walk, the first slice of pie off before we have breakfast. It is called a Turkey Trot. Most are in the 5k-10k range and are usually generously timed (you can walk the distance during the time allowed). It is a great way to get the metabolism cranked up on a day traditionally known for feasting and watching football. It is also a great way to continue being active while the dojang is closed for the extended holiday break.

So head on out to a local Turkey Trot to support a good cause, usually a food bank, or soup kitchen, and have some fun before you give thanks. Here are a few on Thanksgiving Day:

Alexandria Turkey Trot
Arlington Turkey Trot
Fairfax Turkey Trot
Pacers  Turkey Trot
So Others Might Eat Turkey Trot