Why Tae Kwon Do is Good for Children

TKD students during a black belt test

There are many reasons why Tae Kwon Do is good for children. First, TKD teaches kids about pursuing their goals. Most young children will not have come across many major challenges. But with TKD, they will be sufficiently challenged while also being able to look forward towards the next belt.

The second reason is that TKD teaches persistence. If they aren’t able to get their red stripe on the first try, they must learn to stay motivated and try again after more practice.

The third reason is discipline. They will learn that if they don’t listen to the higher belts and instructors, then they won’t advance on to the next belt. The fourth reason is self defense. They will learn a large assortment of blocks that will teach them to counter any attack.

Finally, and this reason is for parents. Parents, instead of just sitting, waiting or watching your kids practice, you can join your child in the fun that is TKD.

by CJ, 13, black belt in TKD