How To Train for a Black Belt Test – Part One – Classes

Students with Master Yun after the February 2017 black belt test

So you’ve achieved a Bo-Dan/Bo-Black belt, the final step in front of a Black Belt—now what?

You may think that a black belt test is just like any other belt test. Well hold on a minute. Don’t even think about sitting down because you haven’t even STARTED the training for a Black Belt!

Admittedly, Master Yun at Be Ryong is a bit old school when it comes to earning a Black Belt. Master Yun recommends training a minimum of six months for a black belt test. In addition, you must prove to Master Yun that you are ready for the responsibility of being a Black Belt. 

We recommend attending to at least four classes a week along with the Black Belt training class on Fridays and Saturdays. If you can, take two or three classes in a row to build up your stamina and endurance.

During bo dan training, you won’t be learning any new forms or kicks. Instead, you spend time working on kicks, forms, breaking, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Focus on developing muscle memory so that when Master Yun or an instructor asks you to do the red belt form or kick, you can execute the form or kick without any hesitation. Focus also on improving your forms and kicks during every class. Ask your instructors and other black belts to critique your forms and kicks and give you suggestions for small changes to make your techniques better. Aim to get better with every single class and prove to Master Yun that are you doing your best and training hard.

Next time, we’ll blog about training for the sparring and power breaking portion of the black belt test.

by Julia, 14, black belt in TKD