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James, Jess and Chris Pass their HapKido Black Belt Tests

James, Jess and Chris with Master Yun at the end of the HapKiDo black belt test on December 16, 2017.

Congratulations to James, Jess and Chris! James passed his third degree HapKiDo black belt test, while Jess and Chris passed their 2nd degree HapKiDo black belt tests.

It was a grueling 3 1/2 hour test last Saturday. The candidates performed all the techniques for 1st and second degree, while James had to perform 3rd degree techniques as well. They did zillions of push-ups and sit-ups, broke boards and fought against other black belts during yusul.

The highlight of the test was the power breaking, or the breaking of cement slabs with hand strikes. James successfully broke 3 cement slabs, while Jess and Chris broke two. Amazing!

James is the ONLY student to ever take and pass a third degree test at BeRyong; James is also a 2nd dan in TaeKwonDo. Jess is also a 2nd dan in TaeKwonDo, while Chris is a first dan in TaeKwonDo.   Congratulations!

You can see photos and videos on the BeRyong Facebook page. Please like, comment and share!

You can also watch most of the test on YouTube! Daniel recorded the test using his GoPro!

TKD Black Belt Scheduled for Saturday, November 18, 11am

There will be a TaeKwonDo black belt test on Saturday, November 18. Four students will be taking the test. The test will begin promptly at 11am and will likely go for 3-4 hours.

If you or your child is a red belt or higher, Master Yun recommends attending a black belt test so you know what happens during a black belt test. You should also read this blog post by CJ – What happens during a black belt test?

Students who are cleared by Master Yun to take the test will have shown proficiency in all of the kicks and forms needed for the 1st degree black belt test. During the test itself, students will perform the kicks and forms for each belt, do a total of 770 push ups and sit ups over several hours, 350 squats, 9 breaks with a kick, 3 rounds of sparring, and 1 hand break. Sounds brutal, it’s meant to be grueling. And that’s why you train for a minimum of four months for a black belt test, after years of training and mini-tests.

A black belt from Be Ryong is a true test of endurance, perseverance and skill. Come on down and support the candidates. Oh, and bring snacks. It’s gonna be a long test.

Belt Tests on April 7 and 8

Students, it’s that time again! Belt testing time!

Black belts who wish to advance and HapKiDo students will test on Thursday, April  7. Taekwondo students will test on Friday, April 8.

Taekwondo students need four stripes to test: red for kicking, blue for form, yellow for breaking, and white for discipline. You must submit the testing paperwork by the last class on Wednesday, April 6. Make-up tests will be on Friday, April 15.

The belt ceremony will be on Saturday, April 9. Master Yung will hand out the new belts to all students who passed the tests the previous evenings. Please bring a dish to share with your Taekwondo family.

For a detailed schedule, please refer to the school calendar.

HapKiDo Black Belt on Saturday, March 5, 11am

The studio will be closed on Saturday, March 5 because of the HapKiDo black belt test. Bow black Al will be testing for his first degree black belt. Please come on down and cheer for Al during his test.

The test begins at 11am and will probably go for about 3 hours. During the test, Master Yun will test Al’s knowledge of his HapKiDo kicks, strikes and releases; his endurance and stamina as he does over 700 push-up and sit-UPS; his ability to break boards and a cement block; and his strength and technique during yusul (where Al will go up against at least 3 black belts in 1-2 minute bouts).

If you’ve never watched a black belt test and you’re close to brown or bow black belt, it’s worth watching a black belt test to get a sense of the training needed to survive this punishing, but ultimately amazing and rewarding experience.

No Classes on Feb 15 and 19

Be Ryong will be closed on Monday, February 15 in honor of Presidents’ Day and Friday, February 19 because of the make-up belt test. The TKD make-up test is at 5pm and the HKD make-up test is at 7pm.

If you are taking the make-up test, please remember to wear the full uniform and arrive 10 minutes before your start time. Good luck to everyone testing!

Congratulations to the TKD Candidates Who Passed the Black Belt Test!

Congratulations to Christopher, Julia, Marien and Nick! They passed the Taekwondo black belt test held last month!

It was a grueling 4-hour test but all the candidates passed! They endured 770 push-ups, 770 sit-ups, 11 forms, 12 kicking combinations, 3 rounds of sparring, at least 9 broken boards by feet and 4 broken boards by hand!

These candidates will get their black belts during the June belt ceremony. In the meantime, they get to keep training. Master Yun says that when you get your first degree black belt, it’s just the start of your martial arts journey.

Tentative Date Set for Taekwondo Black Belt Test in December

Master Yun has tentatively scheduled the dates for the next TaeKwonDo black belt test to be Saturday, December 19, 11am. The HapKiDo black belt test will be held sometime in January.

It’s too early to know which candidates will be allowed to take the black belt test as the students have been taking bow black classes with Master Yung to refine their kicks and forms. The bow black belt is the belt below the first degree black belt.

Black belt tests are only held every six months, June and December. The black belt test at BeRyong is a grueling test of skill and endurance. Students must perform all of their kicks and forms; spar; break lots of boards; do hundreds of push-ups, site-ups and squats, and whatever else Master Yun has in store for them. Black belt tests only vaguely resemble regular belt tests and they are 3-5 hours long, depending on how long it takes the students to finish all the requirements.

In the next few weeks, we’ll post tips for preparing for a black belt test. Good luck to all the bow blacks preparing to take the black belt test in December!