HapKiDo Black Belt on Saturday, March 5, 11am

The studio will be closed on Saturday, March 5 because of the HapKiDo black belt test. Bow black Al will be testing for his first degree black belt. Please come on down and cheer for Al during his test.

The test begins at 11am and will probably go for about 3 hours. During the test, Master Yun will test Al’s knowledge of his HapKiDo kicks, strikes and releases; his endurance and stamina as he does over 700 push-up and sit-UPS; his ability to break boards and a cement block; and his strength and technique during yusul (where Al will go up against at least 3 black belts in 1-2 minute bouts).

If you’ve never watched a black belt test and you’re close to brown or bow black belt, it’s worth watching a black belt test to get a sense of the training needed to survive this punishing, but ultimately amazing and rewarding experience.